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Positions for post-doctoral fellows and PhD students become available at different times throughout the year. Please check here and in popular websites.

We are pleased to announce an opening in the lab for a PhD candidate. This is a 3-year fully -funded PhD studentship sponosred by the Chernajowsky Foundation. Please see all relevant details at

Applications should be submitted via the Biosciences and Medicine PhD course page (apply tab) at

We are always interested in hearing from talented and motivated individuals looking for positions or willing to apply for post-doctoral fellowships, PhD studentships, summer internships, etc. If that is your case, you can e-mail Carlos informally to discuss your interests. Please remember that some applications have tight deadlines and require lengthy submissions, so the sooner you start planning the better.

Here are some useful links that you may want to explore in conjunction with programs offered by your own country (if non-UK):

BBSRC Fellowships

MRC Fellowships

EPSRC Fellowships

Wellcome Trust Fellowships

The Royal Society

The Leverhulme Trust

Marie Curie Actions

Human Frontier

Science without Borders